What kind of items can you deliver?

We can deliver any item that can be moved in an SUV sized vehicle and only requires one person to transport. We DO have hand trucks for these movements.

How far will you go to deliver?

We charge by the mile so we will go as far as someone wants to pay us to go. Depending on the item, distance, advance notice, etc. our mileage rate right now is anywhere from $2-3 per mile.

What measure do you take to make sure my items are stored properly?

The majority of our deliveries are "immediate" and "direct". So, we pick-up and immediately drive it to its destination. In these instances there is no storage needed. BUT...we do have a company motto of "YOUR Important package is OUR Important Package!", which means we give our utmost care to see your package is delivered promptly and safely.

Are your drivers licensed/insured?

Our business is fully licensed and insured through the State of New Jersey AND this business has been in operation for 25 years...so we bring a whole lot of experience to your door!

How quickly can you deliver my items?

Same-day deliveries are very possible. We can have a driver on the road within 1-hour when necessary.