Medical Work

Keep Your Medical Delivery Safe

Get medical transport and temperature-controlled medical supply delivery services throughout Greater Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ

Do you have a time-sensitive medical delivery that needs to go from one hospital to another? Perhaps you need to get medical supplies moved to your surgical center. For temperature-controlled medical supply deliveries, turn to Rush Delivery Service. We can travel throughout the Greater Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ area to get you the supplies you need.

We can transport important documents, forgotten items, important packages, medical supplies and more. Contact us now to set up medical transport services with our knowledgeable driver.

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Trust us with your medical delivery

Reliable medical transport services are essential for saving lives. At Rush Delivery Service, we understand the time sensitivity of this task. When you hire us, we'll:

  • Respond promptly to emergency situations
  • Store your items properly during transport
  • Give you peace of mind that your transport is in good hands

Rely on us as your local medical supply courier. Call 609-266-2200 now to schedule temperature-controlled medical supply delivery services.