Legal Work

All of our drivers are a NJ state certified Notary Public. We can come to you for your notary needs.

Get Confidential Deliveries for Your Critical Documents

Hire us for courtroom document and confidential legal record transport services throughout Greater Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ

Do you have sensitive documents that need to be moved from one courthouse to another? Rush Delivery Service offers full point-of-delivery services for legal documents throughout Greater Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ. We have over 25 years of experience with sensitive jobs like courtroom document deliveries. We understand the high importance of legal requests, which is why we guarantee that a car will be dispatched within one hour of your request.

You can trust us to deliver your documents efficiently and with discretion. Call 609-266-2200 now to schedule a confidential legal record transport.

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3 benefits of hiring a trusted legal courier

Rush Delivery Service takes pride in providing confidential legal record transport services. We work with lawyers to/from/within greater the area to get them the documents they need in a timely manner. Hiring a legal courier will:

  1. Eliminate the stress of obtaining critical documents
  2. Ensure a fast and efficient delivery
  3. Give you peace of mind that your documents are secure

Feel confident about the transportation of your important documents. Contact us now to request a courtroom document delivery.