Left Behind Items

Did You Leave Something Behind?

Get short-term or left-behind rental item recovery services from our company in Greater Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ

When renting a vacation home, you want to embrace the experience fully. From filling in dresser drawers to hanging clothes in the closet, unpacking your belongings can make your rental property feel more homey. But what happens when vacation ends and you forget to take everything home? If that happens, contact Rush Delivery Service. We offer left-behind item delivery services. Our company is based in Greater Atlantic City, NJ, but we'll drive to any state to reunite you with your belongings.

Call 609-266-2200 now to arrange for short-term rental item recovery services. Please note that mileage fees apply.

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When you hire us for short-term rental item recovery services, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are in good hands. You can call us when you've left:

  • Valuables inside of a safe
  • Expensive jewelry on the bathroom counter
  • An evening gown hanging in the closet
  • Souvenirs stashed in the nightstand

No matter your request, we'll get your items back to you safely. Contact us now to request left-behind item delivery services in Atlantic City & Pleasantville, NJ.